Kuksu – a living research project

Over the past two or three weeks I have caught myself being drawn back to the topic of the Kuksu religion. It began with a simple, cursory overview of information regarding the indigenous First Nations tribes in the area of my home, California’s central valley region. This led me to a few articles talking about the “Kuksu cult” as it is referred to most often and I realized after some browsing that there was a bit of a story here that no one as far as I can tell has taken the time to really get into. There is a scattering of anthropological information and the last time someone really sat down and documented anything, it was published around the 1920’s and 30’s. There are some books that have been published since then but I am still not finding anything I would classify as complete. I have decided to make this my first research project and for the benefit of the reader, I will include my sources as I write each article so that anyone who wishes can verify my work. If anyone has personal contacts they think could help in this project, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

I really don’t know how far this project will go, but I can say I feel drawn to it as if something within me wants to get to the bottom of this story and consolidate the available information. This will very much be a work in progress and I expect the blog posts to change as I edit them when new data becomes available. It is my intent to compile a working account of the lore, history, ceremony and ritual and to provide that here to anyone interested.


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